Hi. We're FAKESHEMP and this is the home of our podcasts.

OUR CURRENT SHOW IS CALLED GOOD MOVIE MONDAY ... there's no better way to start the week!

Our previous shows FRANCHISED and REWIND AND DIGRESS explored movies from the past. 

If you scroll further down you will also find our old show THE FAKESHEMP.NET PODCAST (which is inferior in quality but chocked full of great content) and a cheeky micro-podcast called WTF WAS THAT?  

We are Glenn, Jarret & Keith and we're full of nerdy cinematic ramblings.

As members of the Australian Film Critics Association, our combined experience covers film, television, radio and written press. We like to think we know what we're on about.... but you can be the judge of that.

Visit our website FAKESHEMP.NET for our latest reviews and other contant. And find us on Facebook and YouTube to engage in some nerdy banter... 



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